Why Starting a Business Blog is Important – 3 Tips For a Big Buck Business Blog

Let’s take a quick look at blogging for business. So many folks believe that blogs are simply the domain of the myspace generation, little online journals to record and share mundane life facts that no one in the “real” world could possibly care about. If we are being honest, and you speak to MANY business owners a bit beyond the Generation X age, their ideas of what a blog really accomplishes are a bit out of touch. So if that is you…read on as we examine some quick and easy reasons why jumping into the blogging game COULD be the best investment your business can make!

Search Engine Visibility

Quite simply, a blog has SO much more potential to be found in the SERP’s in rapid fire turn around time. Why? They are topical, relevant and time stamped, and the search engines undoubtedly want to keep fresh information constantly at the fingertips of their “customers” – i.e. – folks browsing the web. Add in the dynamic elements of blog posting, the dedicated blog search engines that ONLY track blogs and RSS feeds, and you have a recipe for getting YOUR message out front of your audience quickly.

Participation in Your Message

The number one thing that blogs build, in my opinion, is participation. They bond your clients, or potential clients, to your message in ways that NO boilerplate ad, commercial or mailing can do. They provide a forum, both literally, and even figuratively, for your audience to interact with your words, message, and ideas. Polls, comments, user submitted materials, you name it – a blog helps you move to the ground floor where the conversation is really taking place!