Tips For Blog Traffic – 3 Tips For Extra Massive Blog Traffic

Some Tips For Blog Traffic Are Not Specific Enough

With that said, I hope to provide you with a concise explanation on how to increase your blog traffic with these tips for blog traffic momentum. Keep in mind that you do not need to be a techno geek to figure this out.

Be prepared also to put some of these tips into action if you wish to see some good results over the next few days. One of the worst things that could happen is to learn something and then not doing anything about it.

Tip 1: Submit Your Blog To A Network Or Blog Ring

By far, this is one of the most technical way to get traffic to your blog but it is by far the best investment ever. Plus, you only need to do it once. At least until you change your URL or create a new blog.

Many networks like are actually blog ranking network sites that makes your blog easier to find and search for as well. The thing is, there is a massive amount of readers surfing this site.

Just sign up for an account there, copy and paste some HTML code onto your blog and off you go.

Tip 2: Have You Heard About Digg?

No, its not a misspelling or anything of that sort. You see, Digg is also another kind of networking community where lots of stories are passed around for specific readership votes.

Again, yes there is a large community of blog readers and news readers that hang around here so write and submit your blog posts as often as you can to this site.

When you see a post on Digg that is getting some attention on StumbleUpon, use it to add the Digg button right away. You will create a viral and ‘domino effect’. See, its all about having people vote for your blog posts.

Tip 3: Do Track Your Visitors?

This requires very little explanation if you are already into the blogging game long enough. You should be able to trace how your visitors found you, what they read and how they left.

All these kinds of data can be easily obtained by installing a statistical analysis tool on your blog. Concentrate only on the parts of your blog that readers like reading.

In conclusion, newsworthy content on your blog is probably one of the biggest tips for blog traffic generation. Be disciplined in your blogging efforts and soon you will see fruits of success.