Creating a Blog

Maybe you are thinking about creating a blog but are not sure what to write about. You are probably writing your thoughts down every day anyway, so why not become a blogger?

The term “blog” appeared the first time in 1997 on the web. It is a short term for “web log”, which is a log book or diary on the internet. Creating a blog has meaning to a true writer and one of the main motives to make an article is for them the need to communicate something. Some desire to “educate people” or inform them of their own knowledge and others have the urge to stop criticism and anger.

It is important to make contact to other bloggers in order to grow in your writing field and share individual experiences. You are going to meet many new folks while creating a blog, which can be extremely rewarding in the long term. The readers who will visit your blog are most likely hoping for information which they cannot dig up using any other media source. So, make sure that your articles are of high quality and very informative at all times.

Creating a blog is not a hard task at all if you put all your heart into it. Just write about things you know how to do best, or give out advicse on a topic that you feel has not been gone over enough. You will be surprised about what people want to learn more about. When writing, always be yourself and express yourself in an outgoing manner; this is what folks like and feel comfortable with.

As a blogger you have to be aware of the fact, that it simply is not enough to create a stunning site once. To stay in the blogging game, you have to treat your blog spot like a flower garden and care for it on a regular basis. Creating a blog is not only entertainment but demands commitment, if you want to be recognized in the midst of the tough competition.

Supply your audience every week with new reading material and they will come back periodically to absorb the fresh information.

Video Game Tester – 3 Powerful Tips To Help You Get Better Game Testing Jobs

Landing video game tester jobs seems to get harder by the day. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits that come with professional game testing, so it only stands to get worse & worse. With that being said, you’re best bet is to level the playing field by learning how to get better video game tester jobs more frequently. And, you can do that by reading the tips below.

How To Get More Video Game Tester Jobs With Tip 1

First and foremost, get your head out of that paper. You’re not going to find any high paying jobs in the newspaper, so stop indulging the fantasy. While you have your head buried in the classifieds section, other testers are taking testing jobs which could have easily ended up in your hands. Stop letting this happen and get active.

Head to the companies, head to the developers, head to the independent publishers. The only way you will find a well paying job is to actually approach these companies & people and let them know who you are, what you do (professionally test video games), and why you would be an excellent addition to their “testing” them. You can either do this all through your resume (at home tester) or you can do it face to face with an interviewer. Either way works just fine. However, the interview is much more effective because it creates the impression of professionalism, in most cases anyway.

Get Higher Paying Testing Jobs With Tip 2

If you want high paying video game tester jobs, you have to have more experience, period. The more experience you have, the higher your pay will likely be. If you are just starting out, you can’t expect top dollar game testing jobs; so don’t be surprised if you are paid the bare minimum. Luckily though, there is an easy way to appear more experienced and more professional. To do so, you must first start up a gaming website or blog.

This blog/website will be used as your stepping stone for accumulating experience. What you will do is update the blog/website every few days with new information. Any type of gaming information will do; cheats, hints, tips, previews, reviews, interesting info on the industry, etc. And, if you could get some glitch/bug information on different video games, that would really be great.

Promoting the site/blog isn’t important, simply having it is. You can use this website or blog to show your level of video game expertise to any company you are applying to. Remember, experience counts; so the more information on the site, the better off you’ll be. However, the website could actually hurt you if it isn’t professionally built and/or has inaccurate information. Therefore, if you decide to create a website/blog to build credit toward your expertise, you had better put some time into it.

Land More Paid Game Tester Jobs With Tip Number 3

You can easily get more, high paying video game tester jobs with the two tips above, but by following this tip, you may get even more.

From the moment you begin your career as a professional video game tester, you have to start networking with others. Anyone who plays games, tests games, programs games, develops games, or is even around games, is someone you want in your network. The more people you know in the video game industry, the more strings you can pull when “job search” time comes around. It never hurts to have friends in the industry you are apart of; so be sure to work on that “friends list” whenever possible.

Poker Blogs Will Improve Your Poker Game – Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Read Poker Blogs

Poker is one of the most popular games around. It’s no wonder, then, that many people are looking to start playing it. If you’re a beginner to the game, or even if you’re someone who’s been playing it for a long time, you’re probably looking for ways of bettering your knowledge of the game. There are many ways of doing this, but by far one of the best ones is to simply read all about the game. Blogs are a great source of information for both the beginner and advanced player-and everyone in between. Still not sold? Check out the 5 reasons below.

Reason #1: Free Information

Most blogs are run by players who have a lot of experience with the game. On their blogs, they may be sharing information that you might not otherwise find unless you pay for lessons from a professional player. Indeed, these blogs offer a ton of free information to players of all skill levels. They cater for all games, whether you prefer Omaha, Holdem, Draw, or any other variant. The information ranges from simple techniques to methods of playing that result in a lot more poker wins than you might be accustomed to.

Reason #2: Entertaining Stories

If you’ve ever sat down playing cards in a casino you’ll know that this sport is one of the few in which there are a lot of entertaining stories going about. Since blogs are traditionally places to share funny stories about things that have happened throughout the years, many of these collections of entries are a source for a lot of funny things. This is especially the case with the blogs run by pros who have been in the industry for a long time. When you explore these entertaining writings, you’re bound to find at least something that makes you chuckle.

Reason #3: News about Poker

Because the best blogs are usually updated daily, they’re often a great source of up-to-date information on all things relating to the game. You’ll find news on professional play and, depending on the blog, amateur play as well. You’ll find news about upcoming tournaments that you might want to play in, both online and offline. You may even find news on some of the blogs that you wouldn’t find on any other web site, such as insider news that will keep you informed on all things relating to cards.

Reason #4: Tips on What Online Poker Sites are Worth Using

There are a ton of different online sites around, some of which really don’t do what they say. If you’ve ever looked for the best place to play, but have been overwhelmed by all of the choices, then you know it’s important to figure out which are really worth using. A lot of card playing blogs give recommendations for online sites, so if you read one of them, you’re sure to come away with at least a few different potential web sites to check out where you can hone your money making skills.

Reason #5: Free Lessons

You’ll find that, more often than not, poker is a game in which its players enjoy giving back. That’s why many of the sites run by professional/amateur players feature free lessons. You’ll find lessons ranging from “the basic rules of Pot Limit Omaha” to those that teach you how to beat even the best No Limit Texas Holdem players.

Get More Video Game Tester Jobs By Stealthily Improving Your Resume

“Improving my resume? Do you mean lie?” No, you won’t have to lie to improve your video game tester resume. You don’t have to embellish, exaggerate, fib, and/or stretch the truth. All you have to do is tell the truth. Worried that telling the truth will result in “Sorry, you don’t have enough experience”? Well, don’t be. There is a simple way for you to legitimately gain more experience and display that fact on your resume; and contrary to what you might think, it’s not by “playing more games”.

It’s true that playing more video games will indirectly help get you more testing jobs, but thats not the “way” we’re talking about. To show the, for lack of a better word, illusion of expertise, all you have to do is set up a simple website or blog. The purpose of this website/blog is to openly display your video game experience for others to see; more specifically, game developers.

How does a website or blog help? Basically, it allows possible employers to see, at some level, how involved you are with the video game industry. Obviously, they aren’t going to base their entire decision on how pretty your website looks. However, it will play a small part in you being hired or rejected. So, with that being said, be sure to put some decent effort into your website or blog.

Although not having a website won’t hurt your chances, having a poor website can. If you set one up and display poor information and/or act like a clown, you won’t score any points with the company or developer you’re applying to. As a matter of fact, you’ll probably lose points.


If you don’t know much about creating websites, the best thing you can do is set-up a free blog at Choose a pre-made template and then work from there. Blogger blogs look quite nice and can give you that professional look that you’re going for. It’s either that or you set up your very own website and do everything completely on your own. Your choice.


Your goal here is to present yourself in a professional manner and provide as much accurate information as possible. What you add to the website/blog really doesn’t matter so long as it is video game related and contains some sort of useful info. You can add reviews, previews, hints, cheats, tips, strategy guides, walk-throughs, and/or anything else that you can think of. You have to remember that these developers and game companies are looking for professional video game testers, not occasional game players who think of gaming as a “weekend hobby”; therefore, the more detailed information and content you provide, the better off you’ll be.

If you’re busy and don’t have time to write and then add video game related information to your blog, you could always outsource it to someone else. What does that mean? It simply means you would pay someone to write the reviews, previews, and other information. Some may consider this to be a bit sneaky and dishonest, but that’s up to you to decide. Generally speaking, most testers would rather be “sneaky and have an actual video game tester job” than be “honest and without a job.”

Having a website/blog listed on your resume is a great reference all on it’s own. It clearly shows the company your level of experience with video games and makes you appear dramatically more professional, which is exactly what you want.

Know More From a Mafia Wars Blog

The popularity of Mafia Wars can be gauged by the fact that it is present on almost all social networking websites and also the iPhone has it as one of its add-on features. The other networking sites on which this multi-player browser war game can be found are Facebook, MySpace and Yahoo.

The popularity has motivated a large number of people to express their appreciation on their own blogs which has helped to enhance its popularity. The official mafia wars blog spot of the game provides tips and solutions to play the game to the benefit of the players. The blogs also tell you the best strategies to be followed to ensure high points. Most of the players have created blogs on the games which reflects on the large fan following the game has.

The mafia wars blogs also give you the complete methodology of the game and a deep insight into how the game can be best played. Most blogs however, highlight only on one or a couple of games probably the ones that the blogger is most comfortable with. Besides giving you tips the blogs also pose as a complete guide to play and win the game using some of the most successful strategies.

The blogs also provide information on the latest offerings of the games and where you can get it. Moreover, the blogs also give you enough information about the skills that you need to execute the payment of the mafia war bills in the game.

Video Gaming and Blogging Makes Money

Did you know that it’s possible to make a living from playing video games? This article will help to explain how to make money playing video games into a real living where you make money. Now you might be wondering how to make money from a hobby that you love and if this is truly possible, but I’m here to tell you that it is.

I have spent years writing about software on the computer that I love and know inside and out. Some forms of software is better than others, but each one brings a new experience. When I first heard of blogging I didn’t know if it would suit my style of writing, but now I know that it suits any style. As long as you can write in detail then people will want to read what you have to say.

There are so many avenues to explore in the world of blogging and each person has their own idea of what works or not. When I first got into blogging I became aware that several people wrote blogs that attracted thousands of visitors daily and I wondered if I would ever attract this many visitors when there were so many other blogs on the internet. Through trial and error, I developed a blog that now attracts thousands of visitors every day.

Blog writing started off slowly with only a trickle of visitors but, as I developed the content on the site more visitors came. The more I wrote, the more visitors I attracted. After the first month the visitors increased and it got better from there. When I first got a few fans it was so exciting that my passion increased. People started to leave comments on my work and that was a good motivation to keep up with my blog.

If you can demonstrate through blog writing that you have a good understanding of what kinds of improvement would make software better and can write in depth about certain aspects such as risk analysis then your blog will do well. It will also appeal to professionals in the software industry. If you can write specifically on areas like common problems/errors that arise when testing then it will put you in good stead when it comes to finding software testing jobs.

Since software testing is a career that needs a good command of the English language it stands to reason that if you can write a blog well then you will be a good candidate for software testing. Once you get involved with software testing then the opportunities are endless. You will be getting paid for doing what you love and that is the joy of working in the gaming industry. Although you start small eventually you could be earning a large amount of money on a regular basis.

As a software tester you will be involved with all areas of the development process and observing any bugs in the software. There are many other areas of testing as well. Software testing is an interesting job with good potential for those who excel at it. The industry is expanding really fast and there are a lot of opportunities arising today.

To make money from your blog then you will need Google ad-sense or something similar. People read your blog and then click on the links on your website. Before you know it you can be earning a good wage. Many people have turned their blog writing into a full time career.

The Golfers Blog – Loyal Friend or Smiling Assassin?

Never before has it been easier to announce yourself and your golf game to the world. Seems the explosion of social media in recent times has enabled more and more players, be they aspiring pros or enthusiastic amateur, to share their game in such a variety of formats. In previous times, the web was the domain of the business owner, displaying their bespoke website and fancy links. Now, just about anyone with a tiny piece of virtual knowhow, can launch blog pages, fire up their Face book ‘friends’ or share Tweets with their chain of anonymous followers. At last, golfers of all standards can blog away merrily, safe in the knowledge that somebody, somewhere can ‘feel the connection’.

The golfing blog for me represents everything that’s good and bad about the world of social media. At its best, it’s a fantastic opportunity to share information, discuss new strategies to move your game on and connect with people who normally you’d have no chance of ever ‘meeting’. At its worst, it’s become a vehicle which is covertly destroying potential golf games. Even more alarming, is that the smiling assassin is the player themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, used with precision, the golfing blog is a fantastic resource which can propel your game forward quicker than ever before. The shared knowledge and insights you can collect makes for powerful reading and there are some unbelievably creative blogs doing the rounds. Half a dozen sit in my ‘favourites list’, from pros looking to climb the career ladder, to amateurs on a quest down to scratch. They are fantastic examples of how a blog can be a loyal friend and ally to your game.

Unfortunately, within my remit of mental coach, all too often I see the majority of blogs contain the Smiling Assassin, masquerading as everyday commentator and general golfing authority. Of course, the player writing the blog doesn’t see it in quite the same way as I do, but then isn’t that the way of the Smiling Assassin, delivering the fatal blow only after stalking its prey! No, the player sees it as just ‘telling it how it is, being honest or just a bit of friendly banter’.

Take a trip onto Facebook or Twitter and you don’t have to wait long for the Smiling Assassin to appear. Pre competition he likes to adopt the friendly banter approach, covertly running their own game down first before ‘spreading the love’ to ensure others get the full force too. This can range from telling everyone they are going to rip up the front nine in 28, to playing down their chances, likening their game to something a complete novice would be ashamed to own. But of course, it’s just friendly banter right?

And why wait until after the competition is over! No, the Smiling Assassin wouldn’t be playing fair if he didn’t exert a little more covert pressure at half time. He feels compelled to relive the appalling round he’s just played, just to ensure the state of mind ahead of round two is suitably kicked to the kerb.The Smiling Assassin does run the risk of being exposed at this point but he knows what he’s doing, after all, the player isn’t even aware the game is almost up.

The golfers blog for the majority, has become counter-productive. In fact it runs deeper than that, it’s now become as destructive to a player’s game as that niggling hook or poor pace control with the putter. The Smiling Assassin is gathering pace and has plenty of takers. Consider this. If you are a pro player seeking exposure and promoting yourself to a potential sponsor, ask yourself how it looks to someone looking in. Are you a good prospect if all you do is throw around criticism (under the guise of banter) and talk your game down whenever you have an ‘indifferent’ round? Would you invest in someone like that?

I use the word ‘indifferent’ because invariably the reality of the players effort is almost always, never as poor as the Smiling Assassin likes to paint out. But then his mission is to mislead you before striking.

Too many players have created blogs, fan pages, post tweets etc, but have lost sight of why they are doing it. If you’re aim is to never fulfill your potential and waste time writing about a version of your game that doesn’t exist, then carry on as you are. Invariably, the reality of our game is never as good, or as bad, as we’d like to think. Ask yourself what’s the real purpose of documenting your game?

Surely the aim of the golfing blog is to plot the progress of your game, report honestly on what’s really going on for you, seek resources to improve and embrace other player’s success along the way. Sure you will have ups and downs, report on both with a fair and balanced stroke of your ‘virtual pen’. The Smiling Assassin is closing in on the majority of golf game blogs, which are written by players who appear to have little awareness of how destructive the power of their words can be. It’s time for all players who construct thoughts on social media to realise that it forms part of your golf game preparation and analysis. Get it wrong and the golfing gods will forever view you in the clutches of the Smiling Assassin.

Residual Income Formula: How I Create Passive Income Online From My Computer “Income Game”

Want to know how I’ve discovered a “residual income formula” from my computer income game?

I say “income game” jokingly, as that’s what I’ve been accused of at home when I first began to learn how to get residual income from blogging. My husband was nice about it, he never said it couldn’t be done… only tease about how I was spending time on my “computer income game”, which of course, justifies him to play is race car games on his computer. (LOL!) He teased me, that is, until I started making real residual income!

Although I actually take the attitude that real computer games are a waste of time, I did manage to make a game out of my residual income formula, which is what I’m recommending for you to do here as well. The reason is because, if it’s a game that you can “win” once in a while, then that will give you the reinforcement you need to keep going, and persistence is the real secret to income from blogging.

Here’s the object of my residual income formula “computer income game”..

Now that you know that the initial object is to have fun, here’s the object the game: To get your blog link to rank on the first page of Google. This is really easier than you think. But first, you need to understand how Google ranks blogs… only two things to remember here: popularity and relevancy. Keeping this in mind, here’s my 5-step residual income formula…

Residual Income Formula Step #1: Begin with a team blog site

Now, maybe you already have your own blog, and maybe not. Either way, you need to have a team blog site to begin your residual income formula process. Why? Because a team blog is already popular on Google. You can actually find this out yourself by going to “” and downloading the toolbar for free. “Alexa” is the scoring system that Google uses to rank websites according to how popular they are. The lower the score, the more popular the site. The team blog site already has a low Alexa score because it already has tons of traffic funneled through it on a daily basis. If you have your own personal blog, then you’ll want to link your blog to your team blog.

Residual Income Formula Step #2: Keyword Research

This is where I begin. Naturally, it’s easier to rank on the top page of Google if you’re trying to rank of a keyword phrase that no one is searching for. But let’s be serious here; if the real object is to achieve residual income, then why even start in the first place?

Here’s the thing: In order for my residual income formula to work, you need to frame your blog post around a keyword phrase that gets between 100 and 2000 global searches per month and has low competition. It’s easier to rank a phrase with several words (“long-tail” keyword phrase) than just one or two words. You can access the Google keyword phrase website at “”. When you click the tab for tools, keyword tool, you can see how many people are searching for a particular phrase. You’ll notice that in this article, my keyword phrase is “residual income formula”. Also, take note that this phrase is in all three subheadings on my blog post – H1, H2 and H3.

Residual Income Formula Step #3: Social Syndication

Make sure your post is about something that people will find interesting; preferably, information that will help them find pleasure in some way, or alleviate pain. Then, submit it to all the social networking sites you can, especially Facebook and Twitter. You can achieve this task easily in five minutes if you use Onlywire or – both of these sites will submit automatically to 40 different social media sites all at once when you simply type in your permalink into the post area and click submit.

Residual Income Formula Step #4: Video Marketing

YouTube has an Alexa score of 3, meaning it’s the third most popular site on Google. So, it stands to reason that when you link your blog post to a Google video, this will bring up the popularity of your own blog page. If you’re camera shy like me, no worries. Simply record the page on your blog post, and record a “blog announcement” video. This is viewed as a video just like any other, and still has the potential for ranking on the top of Google! I use Camtasia software to accomplish this.

Residual Income Formula Step #5: Back-linking strategies

The backlinks will tie together the above strategies in a way to get your residual income formula to bring you that residual income, while you “win the game” by ranking on the top of Google!

Here’s my secret: I insert a link for my “anchor text” to my high page ranking team blog, and the other link to a YouTube video. Both of these sites are already popular on Google, so that and that brings up the popularity of my own site.

But how can you get income from blogging if you don’t have your own blog?

You can actually just use the team blog site and customize it to your own specifications, and use that as your blog platform. But if you do this, I would also incorporate article marketing into the mix. From the team blog page, I’d send links to YouTube and a high page ranking article directory site. The idea is to get as many high authority sites linking to your material as possible.

Adding Games To Your Blogger Blog

As bloggers, our duty is to provide interesting and attractive articles, mostly in the form of texts, images and videos, but what if I wanted to start an online gaming blog, that is a blog that not only informs my audience on the latest games and gaming gadgets but one that allows users to come and enjoy playing games directly on my blog. But is this possible with blogger? Where would I get these games? How would I add them to my blog?

In this tutorial we will answer all of the latter questions.

This tutorial will show you how to add flash games to any blogger blog. Flash games or flash files are files ending with ‘.swf’.

Where can I get free flash games?

There are a lot of sites online that allows you to use their flash games on your blog. A simple search in Google brings up a number of these sites, for example try searching the phrase “free flash games for websites”, you should see a number of these sites pop-up in the search results. Here is a list of these sites:

Most of these sites give you an embed code that you can add to your site, the embed code will add the flash player to your blog and a link to the actual game. This is a common method used to add games to websites. Some of these sites also give you the option of hosting the game on your server, seeing that blogger does not allow you to host flash files, you can host the file elsewhere and use the link to the hosted file in your embed code. However this method is optional it is much easier to use the embed code you are given, the file would have already been hosted for you.

How can I add Flash Games to My Blog?

While there are many variations to how an embed code for a flash file can look all can be embedded with the same code. A simple embed code may look like this:

The attributes you would need to change in the embed code above are:

Height:- This is the height of the flash game

Width:- This is the width of the flash game

SRC:- Where you see flashgame.swf, replace this with the link to the actual flash game.

Now that we know what an embed code looks like let’s go ahead and add our first game.

Step 1

In this tutorial I’ll be using this game as an example:

Go to the above webpage and scroll down to the section that says ‘Game Embed Code’. Highlight everything within the text-box and right-click copy.

Step 2

Log into blogger; navigate to the blog that you want to add the game to and create a new post by clicking the button “New Post”.

Step 3

Just above the article text editor, there are two tabs one that says “Compose” and another that says “HTML”. Click on the HTML tab, this allows you to add HTML to the post’s body; the code will be interpreted when the post is published.

Step 4

Now paste the embed code you copied earlier into the editor and hit publish.

Step 5

You can now view the post, you should be able to see the game that you added within the post.

If you have decided to download and host the game on a different server. All you have to do is to look within the embed code where it says src=”… swf” and replace this link with the actual link of the game you’re hosting, and also replace the height and width attributes with the actual height and width of the hosted game.

Blogging For Fun and Entertainment

In China, the majority of it’s youth today are now Internet addicts. Buying stuff online, chatting online, playing games online, etc are growing everyday since the dot com burst. But what else can they do to have fun?

Blogging! Well it does seem un-entertaining at some point. Where you have to write for your blog as a personal journal or diary online and have people read them or private invitation to some of your trusted colleagues or associates to comment on your work. But what do they write about mostly?

In some part of the country or world, there are some individuals who feels or have thoughts and they wish to share the world about their perspective. Apparently, anyone who sees blogging as either a job or their personal journal of their own thoughts is nothing compared to having fun blogging at. Blog shouldn’t be considered a job or a duty to anyone because you are not getting paid to blog. You blog at your own pace, at your own style, and live in your own world. So just blog for fun! Sure there maybe people who spams and trolls on your blogs, but do not worry about it and don’t let that get to you. Blogging is meant to be fun and where your world of possibilities can change to however you feel.

Your blog in particular, can change from, personal journals of your research, thoughts, feelings, events, news, current event happening at home, work, play, to a job of maintaining your daily readers impressed, interested, and desire for more. Once you have daily readers and maintain constant traffic or increase of traffic, it’s best to monetize your blog. Of course it’s no good if you only focus on spamming advertisements here and there and affiliations, etc. It’s best to be moderate and whatever earnings been made from your fun blogging, be grateful!

For example, if one blogger has found that they’re readers are like they’re own small community or fans or their “online family”, it may tough to consider closing down his blog after years of blogging and maintaining his solid reputation as a problogger. That, my friend, is called a duty to readership. Bloggers around the world have a duty to their readers and making sure that each and every reader who read their blogs are warmly open visits and leave their blog satisfied after spending a few minutes reading their blogs. After such a duty has turned into a habit, to a blogger its fun posting more blogs about whatever field they love talking about. It may be about flowers, animals, world, politics, business, games, etc. As long as one enjoys blogging, it’s not a bad job to spend doing it.