Getting Traffic to Blog – Visit the Forums and Build a Community

Continuing on the subject of driving traffic to your blog not only do you need to visit other blogs, but also forums. Not only are forums a great resource where you can learn almost anything about blogging, SEO, coding, and website design, but more important you can start to build a community of friends and contacts.

I love forums. – This forum is great because it is full of bloggers that have a endless supply of information. A couple of other reasons I like digital point is because they let you put links to your sites and some ads in BBCode, and they let you share in the Google AdSense program on their site. So, with digital point it is a win win to me.

Once you start to build your community of friends you can send them messages about changes to your blog, or recent post that they might be interested in, and this will increase your traffic tremendously. Also, you will find that many members are looking for stuff to stumble and dig. I get a lot of traffic from forums that I visit, and as I always say TRAFFIC = MONEY in the blog game.

MyBlogLog is a great place to build a community. We have started our community, and are starting to see great results from it. Plus, with MyBlogLog once you have a community you can send a message to everyone in that community at the same time. This saves a lot of time, and I am really starting to like building a MyBlogLog community. We are currently trying to get our first 100 member’s, so be sure to drop by and sign up.

When I look at my stats which I do daily I am seeing more and more visitors coming from the forums I use. So, my advice to you is to find a couple of good forum’s that fit your niche, and start to build relationships in them, and you will see the traffic to your blog increase because of it.