Blogging to Greatness – Critical Lessons on the Path to Success

If you are planning to be a successful blogger, here are some tips you can use to up your blogging game.

Blogging is not the same as making a website

Blogging has its roots in maintaining a diary and has more in common with keeping a journal than maintaining a website.

So it has little to do with installing a nice looking website template (although that helps) or installing the latest whiz-bang widget (which slows down the page loading for your readers) and has everything to do with your content.

Compelling content is highly relevant to the reader, acknowledges them as equal (whether they are newbies or experienced bloggers or internet marketers), and provides useful takeaways.

Blogging involves dynamic linking

Blogging is the text-based grown up brother to IRC (instant relay chat) and the instant messaging software out there. It gives you room to “talk” to other bloggers.

Looking at technologies like blog comments, trackbacks and pingbacks to initiate conversations with other bloggers.

Unlike a website, a blog is dynamic, and facilitates 2 way communication. Conversations have been started on blogs which eventually resulted in partnerships and joint ventures. In some cases, they have even ended up in marriage.

Blogging, like anything else in the Internet Marketing industry is what you make of it.

It can be a communication tool, it can be used to build a community, it can be used to generate income.

Is your blogging success guaranteed?

I do not think that anything can ever be guaranteed, but the following tips can help heighten the odds in your favor.


Understanding your audience and being familiar with their preferences and thinking helps you create content that is relevant for yourself and your readers.

Making the mistake of blogging in a vacuum, without care or regard for your audience is a surefire way to stall your blogging efforts.


It’s be mentioned on numerous blogs that often the most embarrassing, personal experiences which most bloggers shudder at the prospect of publishing, often are their signature or landmark pieces.

Blogging about a business failure, or a failed relationship seems to be unwise, or in same cases, just plain stupid.

But it’s blogging about these issues that gives a blog it’s “human” characteristics that readers are able to identify with.

Informative, fact-based blogging is useful, but it does not touch the heart, quite like relating a personal experience.


Successful blogs are not about recycled content, rehashed public label rights article, or automated posting. They have everything to do with a human face behind the blog.