5 Shocking Reasons Why Bloggers Don’t Like Their Blogs Making Money

Out of the millions of blogs that exist today only a very small minority of blogs is actually make money primarily because bloggers don’t like to making money.

It maybe odd as everyone likes to make money. So how can one possibly make a claim that bloggers don’t like making money? Let’s examine the reasons why bloggers don’t like making money.

According to BlogKits.com,

1. Bloggers aren’t marketers.
Bloggers are regular people who don’t think like marketing people. Marketing people see opportunities to grow their product or service or brand. Bloggers just blog without all of that in mind.

2. Bloggers just like to write.
In a poll taken in 2005, 36% of bloggers said the reason they blog was “I just like to write” with 28% claiming that “it’s fun”. That shows that bloggers get into the blogging game not because they want to be rich, but because they are passionate about writing their blogs.

3. Bloggers aren’t money motivated.
As mentioned above, bloggers just like to write, and that means they aren’t money motivated. For advertisers this is bad news because bloggers don’t understand the opportunities they have to make money with their blogs.

4. Bloggers aren’t tech savvy.
The biggest reason that bloggers use AdSense so prevalently is because they can “place it and leave it”. In other words, it’s easy.

5. Bloggers like to “keep it real”.
A blog is like a home for a person. They don’t feel like putting a ton of ads inside their home on their walls unless they feel that they can benefit them, and blend it. Bloggers get that there is money to be made, however, they also get that most of them aren’t going to be able to make a living off of it.